Brighton & Hove – Gearing up for Cycling

Brighton is continuing its love affair with cycling. Even in the last month we have seen;

– the award of funding (£1.4m) for its own Boris Bike scheme. The proposal is for about 400 bikes to be available from 50 docking stations based around the city. It is planned the scheme will open in 2017.

– the hosting of Bicycle Film Festival that showed a range of amazing short films from around the world. Definitely an inspiration to get back in the saddle.

– new cycle lanes being developed making cycling safer and more convenient. Lewes Road and Edward Street are the latest roads to be improved.

If you live in Brighton or visiting but don’t have access to a bike then Cycle Brighton – the new bike hire centre is now open for business. Based at Hove Station it has is a fantastic range of bikes to rent. Check out our website.