Extend your cycling – 5 great cycle routes combined with a train journey.

Cycling in and around Brighton is great but sometimes it is fun to explore new routes and rides further afield. Using the trains as part of your journey can be a convenient and cost effective way to expand your cycling experience.

Below are 5 suggestions for combining cycling with using the train network. Each suggestion gives you a link to more information on the ride and the train journey you require. Train information can be found at Southern Rail

  1. Saltern’s Way

The Saltern’s Way cycle path is a 12 mile long cycle path (24 mile return) that runs from the centre of Chichester to the lovely sandy beach at West Wittering.

For much of its route, Saltern’s Way runs along safe and car-free paths, making it a good place for families or couples to cycle together. Other parts of the route follow quiet lanes where there is little traffic and the route is extremely flat too making it ideal for easy cycling.

Link: Saltern’s way

Train: Brighton to Chichester (Return)



  1. Cuckoo Trail

This picturesque trail follows the former ‘Cuckoo Line’ railway track and stretches from Heathfield to Eastbourne Park. It passes through Horam, Hailsham and Polegate. This 14 mile (28 mile return) surfaced path through the Sussex countryside is mostly traffic free and is a safe route for cyclists of all ages.

Link: Cuckoo Trail

Train: Brighton to Polegate (Return)


  1. National Cycle Route 2 (various points)

NCR 2 is one of the UK’s major long distance cycle routes that stretches from Dover in Kent with St. Austell in Cornwall via the south coast of England. It passes along the coast of Sussex including the Brighton & Hove and using the train you can do a variety of one-way journeys.

With the prevailing wind blowing west to east you can make cycling easier by making your train journey in a westerly direction. Two suggested options are;

1) Cycle Brighton to Hastings (distance 40 miles). Train Hastings to Brighton

2) Train Brighton to Littlehampton. Cycle Littlehampton to Brighton (distance 20 miles)

Link: National Cycle Route 2




  1. South Downs Way (Brighton to Eastbourne)

This is a challenging but rewarding section of the famous South Downs Way that runs through the South Downs National Park. Starting at Hove Station you follow route 86 up towards Devil’s Dyke. Shortly before reaching Devil’s Dyke you will reach the crossing with the South Down’s Way. Total distance of the ride is 40 miles. Note a mountain bike is required for this route.

Link South Downs Way

Train: Eastbourne to Brighton (One –way)




5. Avenue Verte (Redhill to Brighton)

The Avenue Verte is the trans national Cycle Route that links London to Paris. The route crosses the channel at Newhaven (to Dieppe). The Route starts proper in Central London however you can join the route easily in Surrey at Redhill missing out the busy greater London section. Once reaching Newhaven you join National Cycle Route 2 back to Brighton. (125km)

Link Avenue Verte

The Avenue Verte is not the most direct way to Cycle from Redhill to Brighton. For a more direct route see London to Brighton Cycle Route

Train: Brighton –  Redhill (Newhaven to Brighton Optional)

 Cycle Brighton can provide you with the right bike, accessories and more information for all of these routes. Go on extend the range of your cycling!